Arran Distillery With New Website

This morning Arran Distillery launched their new-look Arran Whisky web site and they would love for you to visit it!

Arran Single Malt starts its life as Scottish rainwater at Loch Na Davie in the hills high above the distillery. The clear water cascades down the Easan Biorach burn through six waterfalls, each one purifying the water further.

"Our home village of Lochranza really is the perfect location for producing the perfect Single Malt. It's all about the water." The area is home to the purest water in all of Scotland – every drop of Arran Single Malt starts its life as rainwater which pools at Loch na Davie in the beautiful hills behind the distillery.  The clear water cascades down the hillside, through six unassuming waterfalls, each one purifying the water further. The name of the burn, Easan Biorach, means 'Sharp Waterfalls' in Gaelic. The purity of our water means that the distillery can create a clean, sweet dram which is entirely natural and unadulterated.  They never add caramel or strip flavour out using chill filtration and usually serve their whiskies at 46% ABV, which means that it stands up well to dilution and adding a little splash of water.

The barley arrives from maltsters on the mainland as whole grains. The grains are then milled by themselves in Lochranza.

Making Arran Whisky

Arran makes whisky the old way. It’s not the easiest or the cheapest way, but it’s the best.

The whisky has only a few ingredients - we use concerto barley and water from Loch na Davie, the purest in Scotland. The malted barley is mixed with this water in the mash tun to make wort, which goes into wooden washbacks, where yeast is added to begin fermentation. At the end of this process we have a liquid - called wash - that’s about as strong as very strong beer.

We from Wee Dram Fife love a Dram from Arran. Our favourite is the Amarone Cask Finish , the perfect partnership of rich, red wine and the iconic Arran Single Malt taste.

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