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Coming soon: Arran The Explorer Series Issue 3 - “Kildonan & Pladda Island”

Part three of the series is scheduled for release in June - and this time is dedicated to the tourist attractions in the south of the island.

And here is something else that not only makes the hearts of collectors beat faster: Arran Whisky has announced the third edition of the Explorer Series: The Arran The Explorer Series "Kildonan & Pladda Island" pays homage to the landscape on the south end of the island of Arran - and will be released in June. Details of the 21-year-old whisky, which will be bottled with over 50%ABV, have not yet been published, but a little pretaste of the appearance of the packaging, which, like the first two editions, will consist of a metal box we already give you here:

There will also be a beautiful metal sign (like the illustrations on the packaging a reproduction of a work by Catriona Tod), and this time, as Arran says, it is not a trilogy, but it will be a fourth edition next year of the series appear.


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