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PR: Laphroaig “Join us for Feis Ìle 2020: #LaphroaigLive from Islay”

Hope you are all safe and well. It’s incredibly quiet here at the distillery. Whisky production on pause. Everyone self-isolating. Fèis Ìle cancelled.

However, as ‘glass-half-full’ kind of people, we are delighted to announce that our Fèis Open Day will go ahead – bringing our Friends around the world together virtually. 

Register at the link below to join our live tasting event on May 26th from 18:15pm (BST).

Master Ambassador Simon Brooking and I will host tastings of 10 Year Old, Quarter Cask and Lore and discuss whisky, friendship…and…well, whatever you would like to suggest… Whilst we can’t open our distillery gates on ‘Open Day’, we will be open to any questions you have on the day. Submit your questions to Simon and I as we taste and we will answer as many as we can. Think of it as an informal #LaphroaigLive: No camera crews, no script, no room full of Friends… but a chance to sip a dram and share a toast together through the wonders of technology.

For those who need to restock, we have some tasting bundles here.

We can’t guarantee delivery before the live event due to the current situation we all face, however we will record the tasting which will be available for you to replay and enjoy again.

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