British researchers are breeding novel wheat for whisky production

The newly grown wheat could help grain distilleries reduce their maintenance times ...

A new variety of wheat, developed by scientists at Rothamsted Research in Hertfordshire, according to an article in The Press and Journal, is designed to significantly reduce these potential problems. The sticky components that were produced during production could be reduced so significantly that the maintenance times for grain distilleries could be reduced.

The new wheat developed by reverse engineering in the field of genetics is therefore ideally suited for whisky production, but exactly the opposite of what bakers need - because for them the glue in the wheat is important in order to achieve a good consistency of the breads and rolls or cakes to bake.

So that the research result quickly becomes a commercially usable product, the company has now teamed up with Limagrain to quickly grow the necessary quantities. It remains to be seen whether the new wheat, if it comes to its commercial use, will also notice its taste ...


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