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Bowmore Fèis Ìle Festival 2020

Bowmore is the first licensed distillery on Islay and home to the oldest Scotch whisky maturation space in the world. Within the No. 1 Vaults, you’ll find more Scotch history than anywhere else. It’s in the fresh sea air, the old stone walls, and the earth upon which every cask of Bowmore whisky matures. A place of legend and craftsmanship, of beauty and reflection, the No. 1 Vaults is where Bowmore single malt Scotch whisky is meticulously matured until perfect. The master distillers have been doing it that way since 1779.

Unfortunately, Fèis Ìle as you know it has been cancelled for this year. So, Bowmore Distillery is doing things slightly differently. The warm welcome remains. As does the packed programme. And that unmistakable Islay spirit that makes the festival what it is? Stronger than ever.

The team of the distillery taking Fèis Ìle online! Join them today for a day of online whisky celebration with a programme based on their original plans.

Check out the Bowmore Fèis itinerary here

Events started this morning aleady and we do understand that not everyone can make it for that time. But don't worry, you find all events online to catch up...

10:00 (BST) - A warm welcome

We’re determined to make this year’s festival special for all the right reasons. It starts here.

10:15 (BST) - Explore Bowmore

Our cameras rove the island landscapes, before delving into the heart of our distillery. From the malt barns to the stillhouse, come for a closer look here.

10:30 (BST) - Tour the No.1 vaults

Join distillery manager David Turner for a peek inside the storied Bowmore vaults – and a taste of something special. Click here.

17:45 (BST) - Cooking with The Gannet

Peter McKenna of Glasgow’s The Gannet demonstrates his best Cullen Skink recipe. Order up your ingredients and cook along. Available at 17:45, May 27th here.

18:00 (BST) - Join us for a dance

No festival is complete without music. Island favourites Corra will provide a soundtrack worthy of the world’s greatest whisky festival. Available at 18:00, May 27th here

18:30 (BST) - Live Q&A and tasting

Join the team live when distillery manager David Turner and Beam Suntory’s master of spirits Iain McCallum will be answering questions on all things whisky. Sign-up today and get those questions prepped! Sign up here

For furher details and live sessions of this year's (online) Fèis Ìle feel free to visit our Facebook page here and join our "watch parties".


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