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Diageo Special Releases 2020

The Special Relases 2020 are revealed ... will this be all of them?

The first two Diageo Special Releases 2020 got already released a few days ago - now the remaining labels have also appeared in the US-American TTB database. With the two already known labels put at the beginning of the following summary, check the newbies out:

Our insight...

Cardhu 11yo

Like last year, there is a Cardhu, this time with 56% vol. filled in cask strength and according to the label gentle and honey sweet, with notes of spicy oak.

Talisker 8yo

The Talisker 8yo is making a comeback - in 2019 it was 15 years old. Here too, the cask was bottled at 57.9% vol. What is new is that he has received a rum finish - certainly a very interesting combination.

Pittyvaich 30yo

Finished in a bourbon barrel and 30yo old, but still 50.8% barrel strength - the new Pittyvaich from the Lost Distillery will certainly not be a bargain, but it sounds extremely interesting.

Singleton of Dufftown 17yo

The Singleton of Dufftown matured for the first time in refill casks - it should taste sweet and grassy and was of course bottled in cask strength - with 55.1% vol. Last year, singleton bottling was an underestimated tip - let's see what it looks like this year.

Lagavulin 12yo

An old acquaintance, for the second time in a new design, cask strength with 56.4% alcohol. With “The King of Islay” he makes a strong announcement - we will see in autumn whether he can also fulfill it.

Dalwhinnie 30yo

Born in 1989 and one of the last casks from that time according to the label - described as lively and elegant at the same time. Bottled with 51.9% alcohol starch. Also something to look forward to if you have the necessary change.

As in the previous year, there are eight editions again, but we would not bet our hat that Diageo does not have a ninth ace up its sleeve and will conjure it up before the official presentation of the bottlings in autumn - because it was like that 2019. So a bit of tension is preserved, and what is here is already very interesting. Everyone can look forward to one or more bottlings ...

As usual, the note about the TTB entries: The fact that a label was entered in the TTB database does not automatically mean that the bottling will also appear. However, it is a very strong indication of this.

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