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Germany's Sauerland Distillery bottles a 1st Fill Tea-Cask and 1st Fill Coffee-Cask matured whisky

Aktualisiert: 17. Juni 2020

Interesting news have been announced from the Sauerland distillery. Two bottlings, in collaboration with their brand ambassador and highly experimental independent bottler "The Spirits Alchemist", Sebastian Büssing, should surprise the palate of whisky lovers. More about the very limited whiskys in 0.2l bottles in the following press release:

The whisky world has never seen anything like that - Sauerland distillery with whisky bottlings from a 1st fill tea cask and 1st fill coffee cask.

Rüthen-Kallenhardt - The Sauerland distillery in cooperation with its brand ambassador Sebastian Büssing ("The Spirits Alchemist") will release two new, strictly limited bottlings on the day of the German whisky on June 27th. Its ingle malt whisky with full maturation in a 1st fill tea cask or 1st fill coffee cask.

The peculiarity is that premium tea and coffee were each stored for 6 months for flavoring in small barrels made from fresh oak. The tea/coffee was exchanged regularly to incorporate the intensity of the raw materials into the wooden barrel. Then the New Make (raw distillate) matured for another 3 years to the Thousand Mountains Single Malt Whisky. As a result, the character is a mixture of chocolate, vanilla, dark fruit and the corresponding aromas of black tea combined with strongly nutty aromas and coffee, which has developed particularly in a latte macchiato direction. You can buy the bottlings in 0.2 liter bottles individually or in a double pack.

The bottles are available from 27th June visiting the distillery in Kallenhardt in their own distillery shop or in the online shop. The edition is limited to 100 bottles of tea and 250 bottles of coffee.


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