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Sunday Whisky Blether #4 - Philipp Ramthun

The time of lockdown was used by the independent bottler 82 Chapters To Newcastle (Germany) to prepare some new bottlings - and because more bottlings naturally involve more work, they also brought in reinforcements to present their own whiskys: with Philipp Ramthun the first brand ambassador - with extended tasks - was brought into the team.

We have been able to chat with Philipp and ask him a few questions...

WDF: Hiya Philip. Thanks very much for your time. As we just informed you are now the first Brand Ambassador for a new and young independent bottler in Germany, 82 Chapters To Newcastle. Tell us, how did you get this job and what are your duties?

Philipp: For Hadrians Company Glentaste im doing outdoor tasting tours in Nuremberg. For years i wanted to do something i love. Bringing people together, sharing passion, drams and knowledge, what a combination.. 🤩 Together with Bernhard and Burkhard, Hadrian started 82Chapters to Newcastle. To make it short. They gave me the chance to do more of what i love. Beside of distribution and representation, supporting a new range of single cask bottlings and creating unique bottlings are my duties.

WDF: When did you have your first whisky and what whisky was it?

Philipp: hahaha to be honest its not a very spectacular story. My first contac