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Sunday Whisky Blether #4 - Philipp Ramthun

The time of lockdown was used by the independent bottler 82 Chapters To Newcastle (Germany) to prepare some new bottlings - and because more bottlings naturally involve more work, they also brought in reinforcements to present their own whiskys: with Philipp Ramthun the first brand ambassador - with extended tasks - was brought into the team.

We have been able to chat with Philipp and ask him a few questions...

WDF: Hiya Philip. Thanks very much for your time. As we just informed you are now the first Brand Ambassador for a new and young independent bottler in Germany, 82 Chapters To Newcastle. Tell us, how did you get this job and what are your duties?

Philipp: For Hadrians Company Glentaste im doing outdoor tasting tours in Nuremberg. For years i wanted to do something i love. Bringing people together, sharing passion, drams and knowledge, what a combination.. 🤩 Together with Bernhard and Burkhard, Hadrian started 82Chapters to Newcastle. To make it short. They gave me the chance to do more of what i love. Beside of distribution and representation, supporting a new range of single cask bottlings and creating unique bottlings are my duties.

WDF: When did you have your first whisky and what whisky was it?

Philipp: hahaha to be honest its not a very spectacular story. My first contact to whisky was written with an "e" in it and a lot of cola was involved and in the age of 18 it was freshly allowed to deal with "jack". Together with my best friend we did a trip to London. On Airport we shopped in a travel retail store. I never saw this much different Whisk(e)ys before. We didn't knew a lot and bought a bottle of 21yo Glenfiddich. A good decision. It opened my eyes for this world.

WDF: As we found out you will look after a new Single Cask bottling series. can you tell us something about it?

Philipp: 82 Chapters to Newcastle is really unique. All bottlings are whisky, brought to Germany and finished different ways in selected casks and on special places like an clean air 200 year old silver mine, under the residence of Wurzburg in warm conditions or an defunct cold war radar station with much more climatic fluctuations. With our new Single Cask bottling series im looking for good casks, distilled, matured and bottled where it came from to get a wider availability but without loss of quality, passion and flavour.

WDF: Will we be able to see you at different whisky fairs in the near future?

Philipp: Definitely yes. As soon as its possible to meet again people in this weird pandemic times, we are planning to be at different fairs too.

WDF: You also guide whisky hiking tours in Nürnberg. How did you come to this?

Philipp: Like I said I always wanted to do something passionate. Over the years, Whisky and everything around it became more important for me so I looked how to combine my passion with occupation. On web I found an advert, Glentaste is looking for reinforcement the team in Regensburg. I applied and it worked :)

WDF: Have you ever considered to guide tours in Scotland?

Philipp: No, not really. In Scotland is sooo much knowledge and lovely people in this business, I more prefer being guided. I better spread the word outside what people can expect if they visit Scotland.

WDF: You have been taking part in our initial video representing our experiences. Together we went to different places and experienced a lot. Could you give our readers an insight of what you have experienced?

Philipp: I could talk for hours about this experience and would go overboard to tell all. Let me pick some words. People. Passion. Emotions. Craftsmanship. Professionalism. Weather. Landscape. Nature. Technology. History. Future. Food. Flavours. Senses. Overwhelming. Whisky is all this and more. I met a lot of people like Chefs, Workers, Distillery Bosses and a lot of passionate, lovely Guides. We could feel every process of whisky making with all senses. I heard music, saw beautiful landscapes, had great Food, Hotels, Glamping Pods or B'n'B. So much to tell.

WDF: Are you planning to come back to Scotland any time soon?

Philipp: Yes, i need to come back to Scotland.

WDF: What is your favourite whisky quote?

Philipp: "Today's rain is tomorrow's whisky" In different ways its so much optimism in that quote.

WDF: Last but not least.... What is your favourite whisky and why?

Philipp: That might be your hardest question. Its so much excellent whisky out there and so much situations. I can't name one single whisky. A blended one can be the perfect dram as well as a single malt or grain can be.

WDF: Thanks Philipp for your time and see you in Germany soon!


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