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Virtual 360° Tour in Scotland's Distilleries

If we cannot come to the distillery, then the distillery can come to us. Visit Scotland's distilleries from home.

The solution is given by Master of Malt, a multi-award-winning online spirits retailer that uses advanced technology to empower its passionate band of spirits lovers and beer nuts to deliver the world’s best drinks buying experience, who have produced virtual tours of several distilleries in Scotland. Due to the current restricted travel options and in regards to Covid-19 this might now become handy.

The 360° video will take you to the distillery, where you can look around as you go through. Not only do you see the main buildings from different angles in the all-round view, you're also given an insight into the barrel storage of some distilleries. You can not only watch the video of 1, but 8 distilleries in total.

Click following links to start your tour. We hope you enjoy the virtual excursion!


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