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Whisky Unscripted Podcast

Hosted by global brand ambassador Gordon Dundas and experiential ambassador Gordon Dallas, the idea is to offer a fun, informative guide to the whisky industry. The duo will be speaking to a variety of exciting and knowledgeable whisky-related guests, including writers, foodies and personalities from around the world. Whisky fans can also send in questions through the Glengoyne or Tamdhu’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

Whisky Unscripted is an approachable magazine show for all, not just the whisky aficionados. It will not be taking itself too seriously but can offer an insider’s guide to the whisky industry via their ownership of the Glengoyne, Tamdhu and Rosebank distilleries with their accompanying brands of Smokehead, Sheep Dip, and Pigs Nose. The 2 Gordons will be speaking to guests from within the company who make our single malt whisky to give us unique insights. We will also have guests from the wider industry including writers, retailers and personalities from around the world. There will also be plenty of regular features in each episode, but we also need you to get in touch with questions and areas that you want us to cover in future episodes. Fun, informative and for all – Whisky Unscripted.

You can listen to a trailer of the two Gordons in full flow here:

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