Sunday Whisky Blether - Introducing New Whisky Stuff

As international orientated, unique and maybe a bit quirky whisky club we want to keep up with our informative but also innovative approach within the scene. We want to concentrate on the small, the independent and the unusual ones. And what would be better than having an interview scenario.

"Interviews are nothing new?!"you might say now. And you are right. But we believe that this is a good way of approaching people nicely and also finding out the most. We are ot proffesional jounalists, neither proffesional media designer. But we love whisky, we are passionate about the social aspect, the events, the branding and the people who make the good stuff - Scotch Whisky. So here we go... "Sunday Whisky Blether" is born!

Starting on the 10th May 2020 with our first introduction combined with a short interview of 10 questions. Due to our current global circumstances we will not be able to "meet&greet"in person but we are planning to host our chit-chat, our blether, as actual face to face setup on a real couch. And why not recording the interview and send it out as video ... ?! Yeah maybe, let's see what the future brings.

Check out our blog on Sunday, 10th May 2020 and feel free to share the news.

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